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WCF-Xtensions Features

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WCF-Xtensions™ accelerates the performance of SOAP and REST Web services that are built using the Windows Communication Foundation and provides additional technologies that are interoperable with Java.

WCF-Xtensions includes the LiteHTTP transport, the SOAP/TCP transport, the Fast Infoset message encoding, the GZIP compression binding element and the SmartHTTP binding, all of which can greatly increase the communication speed and reduce the bandwidth consumption of your WCF applications and services.

WCF-Xtensions enables you to support multiple message encodings and compression by adapting to the capabilities available on the remote side and automatically negotiating during runtime which message encoding to use and whether to apply compression.

WCF-Xtensions components extend the functionality of WCF as if they were provided by .NET itself. Introducing these components into your application requires minimal changes; you simply either plug them into the predefined or custom bindings of your code or configure your configuration file to use them without even having to recompile your application.

WCF-Xtensions can be used for both services and clients, on both .NET and .NET CF, and for both .NET-to-.NET and .NET-to-Java communications. Noemax has worked closely with its partners to ensure interoperability with other platforms.

WCF-Xtensions is written in 100% managed C# code, its assemblies can be distributed royalty-free, its full source code is available, and you get a free subscription with every purchase.

Experience the benefits of WCF-Xtensions, try it now!

LiteHTTP transport

The LiteHTTP transport combines many of the best features of WCF-Xtensions in a single binding element.

LiteHTTP is a lightweight implementation of the HTTP/1.1 specification (RFC 2616). It has been specifically designed to meet the needs of Web services, providing a boost to the performance of services and clients while remaining standards-compliant and interoperable with other HTTP implementations.

Compared to the HTTP transport of .NET, the LiteHTTP transport of WCF-Xtensions can greatly reduce payload size and increase throughput. Services using LiteHTTP can enjoy shorter request/response round trips and lower bandwidth consumption.

LiteHTTP supports GZIP and DEFLATE payload compression, can use Fast Infoset as message encoding and offers content negotiation.

Content negotiation enables LiteHTTP to support multiple message encodings on the same binding and to automatically negotiate the use of the most efficient message encoding that is available on both sides. For example, if LiteHTTP is configured to support the text and Fast Infoset message encodings then, during runtime, Fast Infoset will be transparently selected when available to the remote side, while text will be selected in all other cases.

Similarly, compression can be automatically negotiated and applied when supported. To reduce resource consumption, LiteHTTP can also be configured to apply compression only when the payload size exceeds a specified threshold.

SOAP/TCP transport

SOAP/TCP is an open specification by Sun Microsystems that describes an efficient and lightweight protocol for transmitting Web services messages over a TCP connection.

The SOAP/TCP transport included in WCF-Xtensions provides excellent performance when used with the Fast Infoset stateful message encoding which maintains the Fast Infoset vocabulary during a connection. This stateful message encoding eliminates the need to build a new vocabulary with every message, thus minimizing FI message size and maximizing FI processing performance.

With the Noemax SOAP/TCP you can use any TransferMode irrespective of the mode used by the remote side. You can also use SOAP/TCP with message security and transport security.

Fast Infoset message encoding

Fast Infoset is a joint standard by the ITU-T and ISO/IEC that specifies an encoding of the XML Information Set (ITU-T Rec. X.891 | ISO/IEC 24824-1). It is by far the most compact encoding when compared to the text, .NET Binary and MTOM encodings. Fast Infoset is widely available on Java as well as on other platforms.

WCF-Xtensions includes a Fast Infoset message encoding that you can use with any transport. This message encoding enables you to reduce bandwidth consumption significantly more than any of the system-provided message encodings without introducing the processing penalties of compression.

WCF-Xtensions also includes FastInfoset.NET which offers a Fast Infoset reader/writer that can be used independently of WCF. Size comparisons, performance benchmarks and other information about this standards-based and cross-platform interoperable encoding are available in the FastInfoset.NET section.

GZIP compression

WCF-Xtensions includes DotNetCompression which provides an implementation of the GZIP and DEFLATE Internet Standards. (RFC 1951 and RFC 1952). The classes of DotNetCompression offer you a higher compression ratio than that offered by the System.IO.Compression classes of .NET, and also enable you to specify the compression level so that you can select the desired balance between performance and compactness. These classes, which by themselves are independent of WCF, are used by all compression-supporting features of WCF-Xtensions. Go here to view size comparisons and to learn more about the benefits of DotNetCompression.

WCF-Xtensions also includes a CompressionBindingElement that offers GZIP compression for use with any transport and any message encoding. This binding element compresses all messages exchanged between two sides that are both using WCF-Xtensions, greatly reducing the bandwidth consumption between them.

SmartHTTP binding

The SmartHTTP binding extends the system-provided BasicHttpBinding of WCF by adding to it content negotiation and selective message compression.

The content negotiation of the SmartHTTP binding works in the same way as that of the LiteHTTP transport, offering support for multiple message encodings and the automatic negotiation of their use.

SmartHTTP also enables you to support GZIP and DEFLATE message compression, again automatically negotiating its use. When compression is available, you can either compress all messages or use the selective message compression to compress only specific messages so that the expense of compression is avoided when not required.

For improved processing performance, you can combine the Fast Infoset message encoding with GZIP compression. Since Fast Infoset messages are smaller than text, MTOM or .NET Binary messages, the amount of processing required to compress Fast Infoset messages is significantly smaller than that required to compress text, MTOM or .NET Binary message.

The SmartHTTP binding can be used with IIS-hosted services.

Runs on both .NET and .NET CF

WCF-Xtensions can also be used on .NET Compact Framework 3.5.

While the system-provided WCF components of .NET CF represent mostly client-side functionality, the components of WCF-Xtensions additionally offer service-side support. In other words, they provide you with the capability to expose services from within your .NET CF application so that mobile devices can serve clients.

The availability of WCF-Xtensions on both .NET Framework and .NET Compact Framework makes it an excellent choice for using on and communicating with mobile devices.

Pluggable binding elements

All extensions offered by WCF-X can either be used with the CustomBinding or plugged into predefined bindings, such as the BasicHttpBinding or the WSHttpBinding, using a specially provided mechanism.

Introducing these extensions into your existing WCF code is as easy as it could be.

Easily configurable

All extensions offered by WCF-X are fully configurable through configuration files.

In addition, configuration extension components are provided which allow you to extend existing configuration sections. There is no need to copy the binding configuration, you can introduce WCF-Xtensions functionality into existing binding configurations just by adding a couple of lines in your application configuration file.


Fast Infoset is available on a wide range of platforms such as Sun GlassFish and Java System Application Server, BEA WebLogic, JBoss Application Server, TMax Soft JEUS, Apache Axis, as well as on Windows, Java SE, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris and QNX Nutrino. You can read more about Fast Infoset interoperability here.

SOAP/TCP enables you to communicate over TCP with Sun GlassFish, Java System Application Server and other containers that support the Metro Web services stack.

The LiteHTTP transport and the SmartHTTP binding use only standard capabilities of the HTTP transport and are interoperable with other HTTP implementations.

GZIP compression implements Internet Standards and is interoperable with other GZIP implementations.

Royalty-free distribution

WCF-Xtensions includes redistributable assemblies which you may deploy with your end-user applications without paying per server, per client or any other type of runtime fees.

You can read more information about licensing here. If you have any questions or would like some change in its terms, such as an exemption or additional permission, please contact us.

100% managed C# code

WCF-Xtensions is written in 100% managed C# code. Its strong-named assemblies are without any external references to non-managed components.

Full source code available

The Enterprise edition includes a Visual Studio project with the product's full source code.

Having access to the source code helps you understand how WCF-Xtensions is implemented so that you can make better use of it in your applications, enables you to debug easier your applications, and provides business continuity assurance without the need for an escrow service.

Free subscription

All WCF-Xtensions editions include an initial subscription at no extra cost. Depending on the edition you select, the subscription may include:

  • Update Protection
    Free access to minor updates and major upgrades.
  • Premium Support
    Web-initiated technical support for an unlimited number of issues.
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