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Whether you are developing for .NET, CF, Silverlight or Azure, WCF-Xtensions will help you deliver the best performance for your WCF services and clients.

WCF-Xtensions consists of bindings, binding elements, behaviors, factories and clients that reduce message size and bandwidth consumption to a minimum and can greatly improve the response times of your applications.

WCF-Xtensions components are straightforward to add to your code or configuration file and work unobtrusively without requiring any other changes.

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1HTTP content negotiation & compression

Enables you to improve efficiency by transparently introducing support for new message encodings and compression algorithms on the same HTTP endpoint while retaining interoperability with existing clients. Lets you choose between several content negotiation modes.

2Fast Infoset message encoding

The most compact, standards-based, cross-platform binary XML message encoding for WCF. Full interoperability with Java. Many new features and improvements in v4.

3Message compression

Can be used with any transport. Compresses both request messages and response messages. Enables you to select the compression algorithm and the compression level.

4Transport compression

Super fast, stateful, transport-level compression. Impressive reduction in message size at the lowest processing expense. Works with transports that support stream upgrade.

5Compact envelope

Improves compactness and performance without changing the binding's configuration. Can be used with message security to accelerate encryption and reduce the size of encrypted messages.

6SOAP/TCP transport

Provides duplex communication between .NET, CF and Silverlight, very good streaming performance and support for stateful Fast Infoset. Can be used to host services on CF and is interoperable with the Java implementations available in GlassFish and Tomcat.

7LiteHTTP transport

A high performance, lightweight HTTP implementation with embedded HTTP content negotiation and compression. Does not need a configuration utility and can be used to host services on CF.

8Compression algorithms

A choice of different compression algorithms for different needs. The GZIP and DEFLATE of WCF-Xtensions offer better compression than System.IO.Compression, LZF3 and LZF offer unprecedented speed, and LZMA offers the highest compression ratios.

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WCF Binding Configuration Wizard

Need a primer on how to configure your bindings? Try the WCF Binding Configuration Wizard that will help you get started. It will show your bindings configured both in code and in a configuration file.

Sample Projects

A large collection of sample Visual Studio projects demonstrate the use of WCF-Xtensions components under a wide variety of scenarios.

Class Reference

The class reference of WCF-Xtensions is available both online and as a standalone CHM that you can download.

Do You Have a Question?

So you have tried all the above but haven't been able to figure it out? Send us a message! We will be happy to assist you.

FastInfoset.NET & DotNetCompression

WCF-Xtensions includes two more products, FastInfoset.NET and DotNetCompression, that are available for use outside WCF. FastInfoset.NET enables you to encode and decode Fast Infoset documents, and DotNetCompression enables you to compress and decompress data using GZIP, DEFLATE, LZF3, LZF or LZMA.

Case Studies

Read how JDA Software Group and the Quinn Lab use WCF-Xtensions to greatly increase the performance of their Web services.

Pricing and Licensing

WCF-Xtensions is available in two editions, Professional and Enterprise. Find out the licensing and pricing options and buy it online to receive your license right away.

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