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FastInfoset.NET™ enables you to reduce XML document size and increase XML processing performance by using the new Fast Infoset encoding.

What is Fast Infoset? It is a standard that specifies a binary encoding for the W3C XML Infoset, designed to provide better compactness and speed than the text encoding.

FastInfoset.NET is an implementation of Fast Infoset for the .NET Framework. It is cross-platform interoperable, it runs on .NET, .NET CF and Silverlight, it integrates into the XML API of .NET, it is royalty-free, it is written in 100% managed C# code and its full source code is available.

Features in detail »»»

Size Comparisons

We demonstrate the compactness of Fast Infoset by comparing the size of XML documents encoded in the text, Fast Infoset, .NET Binary and MTOM formats. »»»

Performance Benchmarks

To measure the processing performance of Fast Infoset we selected the same benchmark kit that Microsoft and Sun used to compare the performance of XML processing in .NET and Java. »»»

FI Viewer and FI Converter

Need to view the contents of FI-encoded documents or convert between the text and FI encodings? Get the free Fast Infoset Viewer and Fast Infoset Converter.

Try It

Freely evaluate the full functionality of FastInfoset.NET. »»»

Pricing and Licensing

Starting at only $599, FastInfoset.NET is available in two editions, Professional and Enterprise. Buy it online and receive your license right away. »»»

Have a Question?

Check out the FAQ. Still not answered? Contact us and we will be happy to assist you. »»»


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